The benefits of dual ownership: Sports and Esports Organisations

In recent years, team owners of traditional sports in the United States have entered into competitive gaming. The games that they entered are franchised league from either Activision Blizzard (Overwatch League) or Riot Games (League of Legends).
At the current state, the team owners are starting to see crossover benefits from investing esports. What this essentially means is applying the lessons learnt from their investment to their traditional sports team and vice versa.
The team owners that elaborated on this were Monumental Sports & Entertainment (Owners of Washington Wizards) and Comcast Spectacor (Owners of Washington Flyers).
When Monumental invested in Team Liquid, one of the longest-running and most successful teams in esports history, they enabled their traditional sports team to leverage Twitch streaming platform more to publicise improve their branding. Likewise, Team Liquid was able to design and build a new training facility with traditional sports expertise.
Comcast Spectacor themselves shaped the renovation of their Wells Fargo Center with the transfer of know-how between traditional and esports. It also encouraged them to think globally, converting the idea into trading a home game for an opportnity to build and strengthen their fan base in globally.
As the investments into esports made by the team owners start to mature, they will be able to look into making the whole investent profitable.